About us

For over 30 years Registry Trust has provided public service by private means. As a not for profit company limited by guarantee, we do not have shareholders or profits driving our business and services and aim instead to work in the public interest.

As an organisation we seek to maximise the benefits for society as a whole as well as for our customers, stakeholders and our employees. We have three key objectives which build trust: Impartiality – our services are designed to be accessible to all; Transparency – all major decisions are agreed and reviewed by independent directors; and Integrity – based on our values of honesty, responsiveness and openness we have built an excellent reputation.

Meeting public need – e-delivery is a government objective. Previously the England & Wales Register could only be accessed in person or by post. In 1985, prior to our taking over the Register, responses took up to one month. Following a £1m investment, we introduced TrustOnline, a searchable online database covering six geographical jurisdictions, providing results within seconds. This enabled more than three times as many enquirers to obtain the information.

Meeting industry’s need – We improve the commercial usability of data as a business tool. By creating daily updates we provide the latest information and enable customers to be compliant with data protection legislation. Our variety of datasets enables our customers to perform checks for lenders throughout the jurisdictions we cover.

Meeting the Ministry of Justice needs – Registry Trust was specifically set up to run the Register for England & Wales at a time when the Government of the day wanted to reduce costs. We have achieved this by reducing risks and solving problems for the Ministry. The new licensing system we introduced has enabled wider distribution of data; a Ministry and Government objective.

Supporting the public – We provide a public telephone support service for all the Judgment registers. Because their situation is often stressful, callers can be agitated, angry or unhappy about a judgment. Staff are trained to deal with aggression and to listen in a non-judgemental manner. Our staff help callers identify what needs to be done, focusing on how to take the next steps. As one caller said: “it was such a relief to speak to someone who understood the issues.”

Quality in our partnerships - As a small business with 30 people, Registry Trust is free of the bureaucracy and hindrances often associated with larger companies. We plan and are able to implement change rapidly, but we also recognise that as a small company we do not always have the skills, resources or knowledge we need in house to deliver change. Our supplier partnerships enable us to build relationships with organisations which are experts in the areas in which we need support. These partnerships are not based purely on technical ability but also on their approach to business.

Partnerships in practice - We work in partnership with our suppliers and clients to deliver accurate information cost effectively. While we have to cover investment we do not have the distraction of meeting shareholder expectations but focus instead on the accurate, timely and efficient delivery of valuable information.

Our partnership philosophy is not based on maximising profits but is based on common commitment, investment and integrity.