The game of automation:124 Reasons to Worry?

the game of automation

Just yesterday I came across an interesting announcement from Google, see http://bit.ly/DT_Waymo, released by the California Department of Vehicles, regarding their use of autonomous vehicles during 2016.




Articles from the “Stat in the Hat” Tim Drye who works with Registry Trust as part of RTStreetwise.

After an initial career in academia, Tim founded DataTalk in 1996 and also joined RT Streetwise in 2007.  His intention was to apply the developing statistical techniques to commercially relevant data and challenges.  Since then he has been engaged in a wide variety of sectors and applications.  This has encompassed manufacturing, distribution, marketing, selling and service.  He has specialised in the insights that arise at every stage in the interactions, connections and motivations with people as employees, intermediaries and consumers.  In 2016 he was delighted to take over the leadership of the Demographics User Group and build on its legacy of commercial analysis.